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2005 - Moving Our Shed

When I built this shed back in 1990 it was located behind our old mobile home. Unfortunately, when we finished our new house it was located right in front of our living room windows. Obviously that wasn't going to work. It was well built and in good shape so it seemed foolish just to tear it down. So, I decided to move it around behind our new house while I was renting a Bobcat to do some landscaping work. I braced the shed diagonally inside, then jacked it up and slid a couple of 2x6 "skids" underneath. I lowered the shed down, bolted it to the skids, and bolted some cross boards front and back to attach the tow chains to. Then I hitched it to the bucket of the Bobcat and towed it around back. A little final nudging with the Bobcat was all it took to get it positioned perfectly.

I was honestly surprised how easily the shed moved with absolutely no damage. We jacked it up about a foot in the air, then poured a new slab underneath it. Finally, we lowered it back down, bolted it to the slab, and added a shed roof on one side for a place to store firewood. Once we reshingled and painted it to match the house it looked like it had always been there.

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