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2008-09-08 - Mortared Stone Retaining Wall

Building my first stone retaining wall.

I got tired of the hill washing down onto our driveway, so I decided to build a retaining wall. After looking at a number of concrete block options, I decided to build mine with stones and mortar. It is about 75 feet long, 1 foot thick, and varies from one foot tall on the high end to three feet tall on the low end by the garage. I got a 13 yard dump truck load of rock and about 80 bags of mortar. It took me approximately four months to finish the wall. I had a custom stone engraved and built that into the wall for future generations to laugh at.

Retaining Wall 1 Retaining Wall 2 Retaining Wall 3 Retaining Wall 4 Retaining Wall 5 Retaining Wall 6 Retaining Wall 7 Retaining Wall 8
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