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2009 - Rebuilding the Clark Porches

After 100 years of poor maintenance and exposure to weather, the front and back porches at my in-laws house were rotting and nearing collapse. The original porches had been closed in long ago, but were poorly constructed and falling apart. My in-laws did not want open porches, so we tore out the old porches and rebuilt new structure so we could add a little extra space to their small house. Eventually we turned the front porch into a foyer and a walk-in closet. The back porch later became extra space for a kitchen remodel.

Porch 1 Porch 2 Porch 3 Porch 4 Porch 5 Porch 6 Porch 7 Porch 8 Porch 9 Porch 10 Porch 11 Porch 12 Porch 13 Porch 14 Porch 15 Porch 16 Porch 17 Porch 18 Porch 19 Porch 20 Porch 21 Porch 22