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2010 - Dressing Up The Clark Carport

Once we had repainted my in-laws house, their old carport was looking really bad. My father-in-law had closed it in over 30 years earlier with scrap pieces of plywood and recycled windows to make a crude garage. The structure was in poor condition with a cracked slab, leaning walls, and other issues. While I would have preferred to tear it down and rebuild it, we didn't have the time or money and weren't sure if it would even be permitted under current codes. We had a little siding left over from rebuilding the porches, so we decided to leave the structure as it was and just dress up the outside so it didn't look so bad.

It took a great deal of work to cut all the siding and whatnot to fit the odd angles of the structure. We did remove the old doors and build new square frames inside the crooked openings. This allowed us to build new square doors that would open and close properly. This was clearly a case of putting lipstick on a pig, but at least it looks a lot nicer than it used to without a big investment of time or money.

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