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2016-05-31 - Rebuilding the Pump House

After 25 years of moisture and insect damage, it was time to replace the siding on our pump house.

Preserving the Building

It would have been easier to tear down the pump house and build a new one. Unfortunately, we had just installed new insulation and sheetrock the previous year. The shingles on the roof were only a few years old too. So we decided to just replace the siding on the outside of the building. This was complicated since much of the roof structure was built on top of the existing siding. I was able to remove the plywood on the sides of the building, but had to cut away the lower sections of the front and back and patch in new plywood. Then I added a thin layer of textured plywood on top. In the end, the building is much stronger and looks great. Hopefully it will last another 30 years or more.
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