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2016-07-13 - Repairing the Firewood Shed

Realigning shifted posts, rebuilding a fence section, and building new firewood racks.

Shifted Posts

When we relocated our shed back in 2005 I added a simple lean-to roof on one end to store our firewood. Unfortunately, I just set the posts on post blocks in a bed of concrete. Over time those posts slowly shifted outwards. So I had to jack up the roof and replumb the posts. Once the posts were plumb, I added more concrete around the base to better lock them in place.

Damaged Fence

The firewood area is surrounded by a simple wooden fence. When the roof posts shifted outwards, the weight of the firewood against the fence pushed out the lower edge of the fence. So I dismantled the fence, and rebuilt it stronger once the posts were plumb again.

New Firewood Rack

To prevent the firewood from pushing out the new fence panel, I build a new rack to support the firewood. This took the pressure off the fence panel, and allows me to stack the wood neater and higher than before. I added a second thinner rack on the opposite side to make the most of the space.
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