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2016-09-07 - Rebuilding the back patio

Removing our old old paver patio and replacing it with a new larger patio.

That Sinking Feeling

We built a paver patio in front of our shed back in 2007. It provided a dry area in front of the shed for gassing up the mower, or working on yard equipment. Unfortunately, moles had dug tunnels under the edges of the patio over the years and the pavers along the edge had started to sink and settle unevenly.

Sometime around 2014 we bought a small firepit for our back yard. The area in front of our shed worked nice since it was away from the buildings, somewhat private, and close to our firewood. Unfortunately, that area is also shaded by a large fir tree so grass never really grew there. So we decided to take up the old patio and rebuild it larger out to the area where we use our firepit.
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