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2016-09-28 - Building a Computer Shelf for Christine

A new shelf for my daughters computer to make more space on her desk.

Growing Room

My daughter still lives at home and is quickly outgrowing the space in her room. So we tried to do a bit of a makeover to make better use of the space. As part of this redesign I built a small shelf so she could move her computer off her desk. It also provided a few extra inches of space on top, and a second shelf for charging up phones and tablets.

Storm to Shelf

We had an alder tree blow down in a wind storm a year earlier. I cut up that tree and milled what I could into boards. They've been drying in my garage for several months, so I figured this would be a good project to try using them. This was only my second time to build a project with lumber I milled myself, and I was happy with the way it turned out.
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