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2017-04-02 - Cutting Down the Alder Tree

This alder tree had been dropping a lot of limbs over the years so we finally decided to cut it down. Nearly three feet wide at the base, it was a big job for my little 16" chainsaw.

How NOT to Cut Down a Tree

I have cut down several trees over the years, but this one didn't quite go according to plan. The tree was bigger than my saw so I had to cut my felling notch from both sides. I couldn't see the other side very well and ended up cutting my notch deeper than I would have liked. That probably wouldn't have been a big problem except I tried to trim the sides a little bit before making my final back cut. Unfortunately, the tree already had quite a lean and it started leaning more once I had my notch cut. It ended up pinching just the very tip of the chain on the saw which jammed the saw in the tree. I tried to free it up with wedges, and cut it out with a reciprocating saw, but neither option worked very well. I almost had it freed up when the tree couldn't hold itself up any longer and it finally fell down on it's own. No harm done, but it wasn't a very elegant way to cut down a tree. :)
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