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My Software Products

I started my own company, Mountain Software, in 1992 following the release of "The Recipe Box" for the Atari ST computers. I later released recipe programs for the Amiga and Mac before moving to Windows in 1996. I have developed a range of programs over the years but my recipe application continues to be my best selling product.
Home Cookin Recipe OrganizerHome Cookin Recipe Software
Organize your recipes, plan meals, prepare grocery lists, import recipes from web sites, send recipes to the cloud.
Home Suite Information ManagerHome Suite
Organize your address lists, manage your passwords, track your gas mileage and vehicle repairs.
Milestones Calendar SoftwareMilestones Calendar
An easy to use calendar to organize your life.
recipe software

The easy way to organize your recipes and plan your meals!

I have always enjoyed cooking, but it can be a real hassle to search through cookbooks for something to make. Worse yet were all of those clippings we cut out of magazines or newspapers in hopes of making them someday. They got stuffed in a little box and were quickly forgotten. We tried to organize the mess by typing up our favorite recipes and putting them in a binder. It worked OK, but it was difficult to add new recipes, make changes to existing recipes, or delete recipes we no longer wanted. When our little cookbook got a little larger, we were back to the same hassles of searching through the book for the recipe we wanted to make.

It was also awkward to plan out our meals, and then make a grocery list of the ingredients we needed. Shopping trips took longer than they should, and we frequently forgot items on our list because they weren't sorted nicely.

I figured there had to be an easier way to manage all of this. So, I wrote my first recipe application back in 1992 on an Atari computer. I continued to refine my software and rewrote versions of it for different computers over the years. In 1996 I moved to Windows on the PC and wrote the first version of Home Cookin. I have continued to develop my recipe program and today it is one of the leading cooking software products.

Home Cookin Cooking Software
Add your own recipes
Import recipes from web sites, newsgroups, and more
Find your favorite recipes quickly
Email recipes to friends and family
Resize recipes
Print cookbooks, index cards, and more
Create professionally bound cookbooks
Eliminate duplicate recipes
Plan meals up to two years in advance
Prepare grocery lists easily
Export grocery lists to mobile devices

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